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Aug 10, 2019
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I`m looking to upgrade my current media network player (Lacie Lacinema HD) that received a good review a couple of years back in What Hi-Fi. For some reason it appears to have gone from good to average over time with the various firmware updates and I don`t feel it`s in keeping with my new TV Home Cinema setup.

Looking through a few options, I came across this: Xtreamer Prodigy.

I`ve run an ethernet cable to my Home cinema system and then bought an 8 port Belkin ethernet switch, which basically gives me plenty of wired connections, ie. Onkyo NR 609; Onyo BD 809; Samsung TV all running via cable to the modem/router.

What I would like to request is a review of some up to date modern media network players, especially the Xtreamer Prodigy if possible.

I almost always do my homework before investing in Hi-Fi Audio and Home Cinema equipment and would value WHF`s observations of:


John Duncan

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There was a test of modern streamers recently I think; seem to recall the D-Link Boxee Box, er, ee, er thingy won. I like the idea of the Western Digital TV Live hub with a terabyte of storage and Spotify built in...


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