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Aug 10, 2019
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Hy Clare, I'm Bjondini from Croatia and I'm a huge fun of a good sound but unfortunetly until now I didn't have money to afford it.My budget now for a music hi-fi system is up to 1500£.So I'm interesting what is the best that I can get it for that budget.I was thinking about Arcam solo but than I don't know what speakers to buy to have a great sound in my living room which is 20 sq.met.So what to do,to buy few components separatly or Arcam or do you have some other solutions for me,thanks in advance!

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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hi Bjondini,

You'd get better sound-per-pound from separates, especially with a big room to fill.

For your budget, i'd suggest the B&W 685 speakers (£380) - really beefy for standmounters - with a decent pair of stands (Partington Dreadnoughts at £100).

Electronics-wise, if you can stretch your budget i'd opt for the Roksan Kandy pairing (£650 each), or the Roksan Kandy III amp (£650) with the Cyrus CD6s CD player (also £650).

If you can't stretch the budget that far, then the Marantz CD6002 CD player (£270) and Rotel RA-04 amp (£250) would be a good combo to upgrade from in the future.

Either ways you're likely to best the Solo for sound -though obviously not for looks of convenience, and with no DAB radio included (though you could, of course, add a separate tuner to your hi-fi stack...)


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