PMC Fact 8

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Feb 7, 2009
Great review by NSA. I enjoyed reading it as I am also a new PMC Fact 8 owner. I've had mine for about 2 months now. I positively LOVE them. I've owned many excellent speakers and they all were impressive in one way or another. The PMC Fact 8s are the most transparent window into the music that I've ever owned. Actually, the most transparent speakers I've ever heard. And they somehow do it without sounding edgy or strident. Yes, they do have a cool presentation and they lack the lushness of some very fine alternatives, but wow can you hear EVERYTHING! Fact 8s demand your attention.

Regarding the price, many people say that PMCs are over priced. And the Fact 8 is the worst offender. Every outward sign would lead one to believe that they are overpriced. The cabinet while nice is still quite small for a speaker in this price range. The drivers do not appear to justify the cost. The crossover appears compenently constructed, but again, nothing exotic. So why are we paying now $12,000 in the USA for these! Well the answer can be found in this old joke:

A plumber is called in to fix a leaking kitchen sink. He spends 3 minutes under the sink and declares the job done and hands the customer a bill for $150. The customer is outraged and says "but you spent 3 minutes under there". The plumber takes the bill back and says "here, let me itimize that for you" and he changes the bill to read "turning screw - $5, knowing which screw to turn - $145".

With PMC Fact 8s, you are paying for the designers expertise and it is completely warranted. I've not heard a speaker under $10k that sounds better.


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Aug 24, 2013
Yeah, older thread, but, in a way, those kind of thread can be refreshed, like my toilet deodorant all the time (fell on it as I was searching infos about biamping of the fact8.

I'm not posting on the forum very much. It's a pity, but I can only participate to themes I can help. And a lot of questions are super-duper specific on the stuff of the guys and their specific locations on the world map.

Did anybody used the "Review" section in the main page ? Don't did it yet, but looks interesting too.

Edit : P.S. I'm not a dude *biggrin*


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