please help sub inop with sky


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Jun 2, 2009
To anyone who can help

Monitor Audio brw-10 and yamaha 863 se amp both only 4/5 months old

My sub is not working when using sky

I have done the some basic checks.

It does have power, i have checked the connection of the sub link at both ends and power supply. The rest of the system is also working fine

This morning i tryed a bluray and everything was perfect........ but again on sky no output from the sub. From these test i think the sub is 100% and i would also guess that the amp is also ok and that the sub channel has not failed on the amp which is what i feared.

I did try several HD movie channels on sky both last night and this morning but still the sub is inoperative

Thanks for reading any help would be great


Hi Poolmaster,

I have the 863 as well and have no problems with Sky+ HD. You don't mention how your Sky box is connected to your Amp. I have mine directly into the TV via HDMI and optical cable from the Sky box to the Yamaha 863.

By the sounds of it the problem you are having must be related to the connection between the Sky Box and the Amp. If you have the Sky box going to the Amp via HDMI I would suggest using a different HDMI cable or checking the connection there. Sky will only play in surround sound if linked to the Amp via optical cable. Also check the sound settings on the Sky Box.

Let me know how you have it connected and also what setting you're using on the amp and Sky Box.


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Aug 17, 2007
what sub do you have - does it have an automatic standby mode and does it have its own volume control?

if so turn the volume down on he subwoofer and turn the sub output on the av amp up to compensate - it could be a simple as the sky signal not been strong enough to bring your sub out of sleep mode - used to happen to me a lot


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Jun 2, 2009
Thanks guys

Have now sorted the problem it was settings on the amp.

Had to set the sub output on the amp to "both" the other two setting were "swvr" and "front" these two setting didn't give the sub any instruction . I found this info in the trouble shoot section of the manuel.

Also got help from music matters in stafford where i got my kit from. Their info allowed me to to get proper surround from sky, not just left and right on the amp display but with all speakers working !?. So now all speakers or shown on the amp display just like when i play a bluray disc.

The system is connect using optical cable from the sky box to the amp and the sky sound settings were ok The amp was stated in the orginal post, Monitor Audio BRW-10

thanks again for the help


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