Onkyo 709 problems Advice and help needed


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Jun 6, 2013
Hi All,

This is my first post on this forum, I need some advice from people with a lot more knowledge and experience than myself, my story is quite long (I apologise in advance)

I recently purchased an Onkyo tx-nr709 from EBay to replace my 875 it was listed as an ex-display model that had no remote or Audyssey mic for £180, bargain (I thought)

Upon receiving the Amp as I was connecting everything up and discovered the aerial connector was threaded, initially I assumed this was fine and it was just an F-Type connector on newer models, after searching the web I discovered it was for the international market. This got me slightly concerned and I subsequently checked the ID plate on the back to discover it is a US model rated at 120v.

Now when I plugged it in everything worked fine so I thought this I quite strange, I emailed the seller who was evasive at best, I opened a case against him until this got resolved. After a lot of to and fro I finally got an answer that it is a US model then has had a 120v Torroidal Inverter fitted to it.

I had the unit checked out by my local electronics shop who said it all looked kosher, I checked every function on the Amp it works perfectly, I then closed the case and decided to keep it.

Since then some gremlins have reared their ugly head.

1. When playing music from my Blu-ray (Panasonic DMP-DBT310) the amp seemed to have problems locking onto the HDMI signal and the audio cuts out about every 20 seconds, as this happens the display shows No Signal, I thought this may be a HDMI issue so I have tried 2-3 different cables (all 1.4) to no avail, I then plugged it in vie the 2 channel phono connection which exhibited the same behaviour. I have also tried different HDMI ports and get the same behaviour, when I plug in my Apple TV to the same ports it works fine; this makes me think it’s the Blu-Ray Player.

2. The Amp has exhibited audio drop outs, when I use the.NET feature, this happens for 1-2 seconds it can be on Spottily, Last FM ,VTuner etc. it seems to be buffering , but I am on a 74bm Fibre connection so I should not have any issues with speed, I can stream FHD from Apple TV no problem. Today I got some horrible distortion when using Last FM, to the point where I panicked and turned the Amp off and checked all my connections (all fine) when I turned it back on there are no issues.

3. The Amp decided to randomly re-boot itself last week, it seemed if the protection circuit had been activated, again I checked all my connections and everything was fine, it has never done it since.

My questions are to find out if this is a suspected issue with the Amp (which I cannot return now) or maybe I have a faulty Blu-Ray player and the other behaviour is normal for newer Onkyo Amp, my 875 never missed a beat and I am regretting selling it.

My options are to either sell the Amp on being completely honest and sell it as Spares and Repair then replace it with an 809 or 818 or Buy a new Blu-Ray player and hope that is the cause of my issues.

Many thanks in advance for reading my post and all your help.


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