Old Amp new Blue Ray


May 30, 2023
Hi there
I have an old Denon home theatre amp with no HDMI ports (it has optical), and a Newish Panasonic Blue Ray player with both. 4kTV is up to date.
My question is how to play my blue ray discs.
Could I send the audio from the BR directly to the amp, and the video signal from the BR directly to the TV? Would the sound and image be synchronized? Would it work at all!?
I would really appreciate some knowledgeable input.
Moot point in this case, but HDMI will carry all the hi res formats and the amp does the decoding. Using RCA means you're reliant on the blu ray's audio processing. I'm assuming that the OP is using multichannel audio, but we don't know.
Indeed. It's the only way I can kill two birds with one stone... sort of.

Panny players tend to have good audio outs.