New hi-fi for flexible use


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Aug 10, 2019
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We live in Tokyo, Japan and need to buy a new hi-fi system i.e. amp, cd player and tuner. But here is the tricky part. We are expats. We move every 3 - 5 years to another country. Don't know which one is next. We call Australia home, but haven't lived there for 9 years. We know how to use use transformers to get over power differences (110 v 220) and are aware of the issues re FM bands in different countries and of the uptake(or not) of DAB. But what system to buy that will handle the moving, and will fit into different rented homes?

Also, we don't speak Japanese, so buying hi fi equipment has proved to be challenging. The average Japanese is not taught to be a proactive salesman. Where we can find one that speaks English we have to drag the info out of them by asking the right questions.

On the plus side there is a lot out there - we just come away bewildered.

Please help. We checked out the Denon Craftman system (amp and Cd player) which sounded good( but not with the Denon speakers - we checked out some different speakers). It also looks great. But all the CD player does is play the CD. i.e. Doesn't mix it up. And the amp/tuner was only set for Japanese bands, So then we stumbled into the Bang & Olufsen shop, more in the hope of getting info in English than anything else. But it sounded really good. I particularily liked the BeoSound 4 because I can play a CD and plug my iPod into it, and also a SD card with music on it. And it doesn't have a hard disc to go crash on me (as happened with my laptop). And they can order a European model with the voltage and FM bands we need to be more global. The B&O speakers also sounded great.but have a built-in amp which means we will always have to plug them into the power. (Not an insurmountable problem but when you live in rented places with different power it can mean transformers and cables.) And they are very, very expensive.

I need an old-fashioned hi-fi shop with a helpful owner (who speaks English)! Any help/advice/input would be appreciated. Our budget would be in the region of 4,00GBP.


Wow, you live in Tokyo and you can't find any HiFi..... I loved it there, so much technology there, your in paradise, I found Japanese very helpful and welcoming, i'm sure with a bit of searching you can find something a bit more exciting than B&O.


Thats exactly what I would have thought - until we went looking. There's so much stuff we don't know where to start. We need to be better educated to know what to look for and what questions to ask. The Japanese are kind and helpful but it's hard to get a recommendation out of them.