Need to replace my Arcam Solo Mini and B&W 685s!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Due to a house move a couple of months back and now a redecoration of the lounge there is nowhere suitable for my Arcam Solo Mini and B&W 685s - to go :cry: Equally there's nowhere else in the house they could go. The problem is more the 685s on stands - they could go in a corner, which is a no-no, or sitting right next to the Solo Mini on a low unit, which is again a no-no. And for the same reason I can't see any point in keeping the Solo Mini and getting some smaller new speakers as they'd still have to sit on a unit right next to it. I did say to my partner when we moved that if it came to it I would be prepared to sacrifice my kit if it didn't fit in the new place and to be fair she's sacrificed some things as well.

So I'm biting the bullet and selling the lot and replacing it with something good but compact to fit the lounge and could do with some thoughts.

My thoughts so far in no particular order are:

1. Forget the CD playback capacity and just go for a good ipod dock like the B&W Zeppelin Air. All my music is stored lossless on my Mac and an ipod classic so I could just go with the ipod/wireless streaming route. Though I like the idea of playing back a single CD, the reality is more than not that I just play back through the Solo Mini from my iphone/ipod anyway. Though it's stretching it maybe the Meridian M80 is a possibility.

2. Buying a better BD player that does music well and playing it through my current - or maybe better - Yamaha soundbar. A surround system like the MT-30 is a possibility but I'm not sure if it would get my partner's approval and hiding all the cabling would be a pain.

3. Somehow keeping the Solo Mini and connecting it up to the soundbar - though I can't see the point.

4. Errr . . .

Any thoughts appreciated!



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Audition the Zeppelin and also the new Monitor Audio i-deck models. These things can sound surprisingly good and whilst it won't give you the same results as your existing system you might be pleasantly surprised by what they can do.


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Aug 26, 2009
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Why not see if you can live with just the sound bar for a while, it may prove more than acceptable... Then you can pocket the proceeds of selling your current gear and maybe consider getting some good headphones and a headphone amp if you are into more 'serious' hifi. I don't really see the point in having a sound bar and an ipod dock to be honest.

For what it's worth, I'm using a Q Acoustics TV2 at the minute for TV, movies and music and it's very good, and discrete...


I like Chebbys suggestion, I have heard the Vita Audio player for long listening sessions and it was vey good indeed, and very well built. that's probably what I would go for.


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Feb 22, 2010
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Definitely have a listen to the Zeppelin and the Geneva. Both are good, but on purely sound terms I prefer the Zeppelin because the Geneva's bass seems a bit more boomy/less taut.

Stll, that isn't going to stop me getting a Geneva for the bedroom (wins out on design/form/size for my decor/space).


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