Need some clarification on US A/V reciever being used in the UK....


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've posted a few questions about a new purchase of a reciever, and the suggestion was to check out Onkyo's higher end models. I have been looking at the 875 and the 905 models.

Here is the situation. We're going to be moving to the USA in less than 2 years, but want to get the system now. We are heading over to visit friends there in a month and have the opportunity to buy a 905 for (converted money) under £1000. We already have a step down/up converter so there would not be any money needed to be spend on that.

My question is, I've read here that they may 'possibly' be a loss of sound quality/performance if you use a US model here in the UK with the transformer.

Can you please explain why this might happen? Also, if TV's in the USA are NTSC, and the ones here are PAL, would using the USA spec amp in the UK, and running your TV through it work?

Thanks again for the advice,



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