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Aug 10, 2019
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I am no expert... but I can hear the differences between aiwa and cyrus.

I have lots of mp3 songs and they are stored mostly in my computer. I play them thru my usb stick.

To play them, I use my cheap pioneer dvd player with usb, connected to Denon 1906. The speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 9.1.

I have been thinking to buy a CD player. Possibly Marantz (CD6003). It has a usb connection.

A few days ago, my friend questioned my decision to buy the cd player based on the fact that I wouldn't 'fully use' the cd player. I would only use the usb connection.

I need advice from user who already use the marantz cd6003: is the quality of the mp3 sound coming from its usb connection still as good as from cd?? Would you buy the marantz if you were me??

Thank you for your advice.....
If you're not going to play CDs, I don't see any point buying a CD layer. Look at something like this: This has a USB port, but more importantly, it can stream music from your laptop wirelessly. You can invest in a NAS drive in the future, enabling you to play music without even switching your laptop on.

You can also look at investing in a Sonos system if you want multi room option in the future.


I second not buying a CD player just for its usb port.

Personally I use a squeezebox (one through an external DAC and one through my new AV receiver). But this requires a NAS or having your PC on all the time.

Personally in your position I'd simply pick up any one of the inexpensive media players on the market and use the optical out into your Denon.

Something like

you'd also be getting the video side as a bonus. Do a search on Amazon for media players, there are quite a few.


So basically... what I am having right now is already enough.

Well.... then the budget for this cd player goes to new ipad2.

Thanks for your time ....


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