Question More detail at lower volume.


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Feb 5, 2021
I have a pair of QA3030i speakers and they sound a bit soft and dull at low volumes. I need a bit more detail, for late night listening and for dialogue in films, as I'm fed up of turning them down, every few minutes, for loud explosions etc. Not going through a surround amp, so can't really adjust. DALI Oberon 5 and 7 have been mentioned, in other posts, but are there any other speakers, with high sensitivity and efficiency, that will give more detail, at low volumes? I don't want bass heavy speakers. My KEF Q35.2 sounded perfect, but they broke years ago. I know they were very easy to drive at 91dB and had a very open an airy sound. Something new, like this perhaps. Budget up to £700 really, so the DALIs might be out of reach. Thanks.
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