Marantz PM6004 High level input for subwoofer


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey guys,

Just want to make sure before I buy the PM6004 that its possible to connect a subwoofer using the high level input? I think you can but just wanted to make sure.

And also could I have anyones opinion on the following system;

Marantz PM6004 OR NAD C326BEE

BK XXLS 400 Subwoofer

Monitor Audio BX2 Speakers

Any views really appreciated, thanks in adcvance



Is this you off A.VForums Rob? If so I'm Peritus!

Yes, you can install a sub to the amp using the speaker outputs which then feed the high level input to the sub (i'm currently researching the subs as I'm toying with the idea of adding a REL T5 or BK XLS200 to my Marantz system below)

And as I've also said on A.VForums; for your taste in music (dance/electronica etc...) both the Marantz and NAD amps will work very well indeed but for my own personal tastes, the NAD gets my vote

However as I've already said again; going 2nd hand on eBay or via the A.V forum classifieds you could get hell of a system for around the same or less than your budget for the above

My money would be on the likes of an Arcam alpha 10, NAD C352 (PD version) or C355BEE integrated amp and either some B&W 685 or Monitor Audio RX1 speakers (some 685's currently available on hifiw!gwam IIRC)

If you have to get all new then the NAD and Marantz amps are the ones to go for; the Yamaha AS500 is good but for me it doesnt have the guts to suit your music in comparison to the amps above

As for speakers; the M/A BX2's are very good but the Dali Zensor 1's should be demo'd as should some B&W 685's IMO; you'll then see why they get such good reviews


hahahahaha, Yeh its me again! and again thanks for your reply.

Yeh I think i;ve pretty much gone off the yamaha so its between the marantz and the NAD - although what about the Harman Kardon HK 980? Struggling to find reviews but looks good to me.

Have had a look for sceond hand NAD's today and there were a few C355BEE's but they were snapped up fairly quickly - damn. I'll keep looking.

Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using high level inputs for subs?




Also would it be possible to use the preouts on the amp to connnect to the subwoofer?




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