Marantz pm6003 connection to laptop


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently connect my HP laptop to Marantz pm6003 via a cheap RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable form amazon.. This then plays through a pair of b & w 685's.

Is it worth buying a more expensive cable for better sound quality as I play all my music as MP3's with my laptop?

Is it also worth buying a DAC? What sort and would it then be better to connect via usb with a DAC to my laptop?

Help would be much appreciated, Thanks!

John Duncan

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It's probably not really worth spending more money on an RCA cable; I'd save it towards getting the audio signal away from the dirty electrical insides of a laptop. A DAC will do this, or you could go wireless by investing in something like an Airport Express. Note however that the latter option also benefits greatly from a DAC, so if you're happy being tethered to the amp you can just do that.


So you're saying buy a DAC and stream with an airport express?