Love to see some real technical articles..


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Aug 10, 2019
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Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine Australia as manned by your mate and ex staffer, Nic Tatham is a great litte mag and has at least one really good technical article per issue with an expert going through the subject matter from basics to advanced explanations. WHFSV could really use something like this for those of us who dont know the technical ins and outs - I know there's the sound advice stuff in the back but these are full, multi-page articles and very informative. As an example the last two issues of AVL had the following articles; What Makes a good loudspeaker Return of the Valve Loudspeaker Positioning Understanding the importance of stands What makes CD music? More editorial wouldnt go amiss. Its no criticism - the reviews and group tests are fantastic but there's more news out there and I'm sure I speak for others in that we'd love to hear what you guys think on some issues.


I'm with Mr. Buckley 120%. This is going to turn into a petition!

Maybe other mags do it but note this, I trust What Hi-Fi and I'd rather take it from you than someone I don't know or trust as much.


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Jul 28, 2007
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That would make 3 for and 1 against!

The Valve never been away! fact they are more poppular than ever! and Loudspeakers are positioning defferently according to their design (port tune, sealed...etc)


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