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Aug 10, 2019
About two months ago, I got my self a TC-P50ST50. I was really happy with it overall. The sound wasn't that bad, but it could be better.

Right now I'm on a tight budget but would like to have something (the best I can have for my bucks) that will help me enjoy my new tv a little more. It's my first time with HDtv, I love it. Mainly use it for Movies and tv series, and a little of gaming. I will also install an OTA antenna soon cause I don't need the whole suit of tv channels my providers offer at a costly price.

First of all, I'm wondering if I should go with a sound bar, 5.1 or receiver and speakers. My budget is about 200-400$ max. (I know, it's not that much). I started looking at some soundbars, saw that the Yamaha one was the only thing everybody was talking about, but too pricy for me. I started looking at the Panasonic ones, because well, they'll probably work better together if it's thge same company. The SC-HTB450 seems like a nice option, having the chance to "split" the sound bar in half and make it more stereo, with the wireless sub and also the bluethooth option of streaming my iPhone through it. But then, I might just be totally wrong and maybe something out there will give me a better sound quality for about the same price.

Any input and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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Mar 27, 2011
i would suggest a soundbar for your budget.arrange to listen to a few in your price range at your local dealers :)

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
Do you have a Hi-Fi? You could use this instead providing you have free inouts.

If your TV doesn't have analogue audio outputs, buy a cheap DAC to convert the TV's optical output to analogue for the Hi-Fi.


I just found some old speakers from the CMT-CP11 Sony that I used to have. The main unit broke (power surge or something). Would it be best to find some way to connect them to my TV set? Would they sound better, or they're just too old and the soundbars out there are just way better than those?


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Dec 13, 2010
Wow I came close to buying one of those systems when I worked for a certain struggling retailer about 12 years ago. I recall it being a suprisingly good system for the money (especially with the groove button on).

As for using the speakers, tbh i'd give it a miss and try to find something fit for purpose rather than trying to cobble something together, especially with speakers from an old micro class system!


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