ISE 2020: Devialet launches Phantom Reactor Custom surround sound system


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Aug 13, 2010
I asked Devialet about surround sound from a PC. Expecting some details and the limits perhaps needing special hardware that can't be fitted to exisiting speakers. What they have said is

"Kindly note that Phantom ecosystem is stereo only.

If AV integration is required, then use the optical input to feed Phantom with two channels (out of 5.1/7.1) and have the delay of the whole multichannel stream handled by for example an AV receiver."

Which implies using 5 Phantom Gold or Rectors in a surround sound system does not work. Other speakers with digital inputs use coaxial not TOSLINK. It would be difficult to get the timing an balance working if the speaker manufacturer is not sporting the software installed to do this.


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