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Aug 10, 2019
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I am in the process of getting rid of my 7 (eek) year old all-in-one home cinema system and replacing it with something a little bit better. Have been quoted by my local Sevenoaks store a price of £1,749 for an Onkyo 875 and Kef 3005SE speakers - is this a good price?

Am rather new to all this so all feedback appreciated as they want me to make a decision when I go for the demo this week..!



Have you considered not getting a speaker package? Do you need a Onkyo 875 over the 705 or even the MUCH cheaper 605?

I have just bought an Onkyo 705, with a pair of Mordaunt Short 916i's and a Mordaunt Short 905i centre (I re-used my existing Sony sub and surrounds) and it is STUNNING compared to my old Sony speaker package.

With a budget of £1750 I would seriously consider this over a speaker package:

Onkyo 705 £600
916i Floorstanders (pair) £350
905i Centre £120
309i Sub £230
902i Surrounds (Pair) £150

£1450 leaving you £300 change out of your £1750. If you aren't familiar with MS then have a look, you might fancy some big speakers instead of those Kefs you've been quoted, no doubt the Kefs are great but look what you can get :)

Nice in black!


Thanks for the replies so far!

To be honest I was looking at spending around 1,500-2,000 anyway and thought it best to get the most for the money (which from the reviews I read was the 875). Ultimately I am looking for at least 3 HDMI inputs, video upconversion to 1080i and for it to be as "future proof" as possible. Need to be able to plug in a HD/BR DVD player, Wii, V+ box and Showcentre with only one wire (HDMI->DVI) going into my 32PF9986 - don't want to have to buy a new TV just yet! The other option I was looking at was the Yamaha RX-V1800 but they seem harder to come by.

Liked the look of the Kef's, again because of the reviews, but also because they looked quite compact. Want the speakers to be as inconspicuous as possible as they are will be wall mounted and also because there isn't much room around the TV for them at all.. Always open to suggestions though..


[quote user="GarethG"]
what made you go for the 705?

An extra HDMI, slightly more power, THX, 5.1 matrix to 7.1 speakers. I did consider the 875 but spent the difference on new speakers instead. Am glad I did, the up-scaler on the Toshiba EP35 does a very good job indeed, so no need for the 875 to do it.

Probably not worth the extra £200, but I had the budget for it and knew I would regret getting the 605.


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