I replaced a Sonos Arc with two HomePod 2s – and I might not go back


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Aug 13, 2010
I have tested out B&O Beosound Emerge and Level to work with a video source. A pair of these speakers can be used with Apple Airplay and have zero latency because of how the iPhone and other Apple devices sync the audio - this is seamless.

From a PC using Airplay, Chrome cast or Bluetooth there is 330ms delay and 2 seconds of adjustment to apply with each video played (unless there is another way of doing this).

For style, small size and very high quality these steaming DSP active speakers are almost the most flexible choice possible in replacing the kitchen radio, out in the garden listening and as a pair decent hi-fi replacements freeing up lots of space. There are powered and active speakers that do the same but are larger and still have some set up limitations.

Unfortunately whilst they can replace a sound bar or stereo pair from a TV using airplay and or Apple 4K TV they don't have a seamless way to run from a windows computer, gaming console or TV and don't scale up to surround sound.