How to set gain on the mixing console


You might many a times want to set a gain value on your mixing console. Setting the gain on the mixing console will help in enhancing the power or the amplitude of the signal from the input port to the output port. When you initially set the gain perfectly, the signals to come will be of your desired strength and power. Here is how you can easily set the gain value on the mixing console.

‘Step 1’
‘Press the PFL button’

The first step to set the gain on the mixing console is to ‘Press the PFL (Pre-fade listen) button’ as shown below. This button is to listen to the channel’s audio before the fader completely takes effect. You will also find a flashlight to indicate PFL button is switched on.


‘Step 2’
‘The light for the PFL/AFL indicator is illuminated’

You will find that the ‘Light for the PFL/AFL (Pre-fade listen/After-fade listen) is illuminated’ the moment you press the PFL button.


‘Step 3’
‘Notice the rightmost meters’

To set the gain on the mixing console, you need to ‘Notice the Left-PFL-Right’ meter readings as shown in the below image.


‘Step 4’
‘Plug in mic to one of the channels’

In order to successfully set the gain on your mixing console, ‘Plug in the mic to one of the channels’ on the mixing console. Here, the mic is plugged in channel 4 with which the gain is to be set in the following steps.


‘Step 5’
‘Turn the Input Sensitivity Knob’

Turn the ‘Input Sensitivity Knob’ as you look on to the ‘Left-PFL-Right’ meter readings. Try turning left and right the input sensitivity knob of the corresponding channel to fix a perfect gain. It is recommended that the knob must be fixed in a position when the yellow light flashes up as shown in the below image.


‘You can thus easily set the gain on the mixing console by following the simple steps above’



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