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How To Connect A Home Theatre System To An Ios Device


If you want to listen to music from your iPod or iPhone or any iOS device with surround sound effect of a home theatre system, here are the steps you need to follow.

In this guide you will find that you need just a single device namely the FM, which will help in wireless transmission of audio from the iOS device to your home theatre system. This is a wireless connection that is simple to make and ensures you have crustal clear audio whenever you want.

Here are the steps.

Step 1
Take the Fm transmitter device and disconnect the charger from it.


Step 2
Connect it to your iOS device, which is an iPhone here, as in the picture below. Make sure it fits well.


Step 3
Now turn the home theatre system on. Set the home theatre to the right channel as in the fm transmitter, which is 87 and 107. Once you set the channel, you will notice the static disappear.


Step 4
Now choose any music from your iOS device including streaming music from YouTube.


Step 5
You can control the volume from the home theatre system or from your iOS device. The sound is loud and crystal clear without any distortion and you can move away from the speaker and still listen to the music wirelessly. You can pause the music and play it.


You can add the device to your iOS device whenever you want to listen to music without the need for any Bluetooth, app or other connections.
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