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How to add an external amplifier to AV receiver in home theatre system


While you home theatre system should come with its own amplifier, it can often fall short. So, if you want to really explore the potential of your speakers you will need to connect them to an external power amplifier. This can help you achieve a party sound or get the true home theatre feel.

The process can get tricky, since your AV receiver has multiple channels. Follow the steps below and you will be able to add an external amplifier to the AV receiver of your home theatre system. You will require RCA cables for this tutorial.

Step 1
Plug in the RCA cables to the AV receiver.

In the HDMI ports section behind your AV receiver connect two RCA cables into the left and right ports. Make sure that you are using the ports within a single channel.


Step 2
Plug in the RCA cables to the amp.

Connect the other end of the two RCA cables into the input ports of the amplifier.

Step 3
Connect your speakers to the amp.

Connect your speaker cables (two cables) into the other input ports behind the amplifier.

Now turn on all the systems and play any media on your home theatre setup. If you followed all the steps correctly you should be able to use the external amplifier to control your speaker sound and also tune it. Make sure you have the necessary power sources at hand.


There are various amp and AV receiver models, but all of them should have right and left ports integrated into the channels that will be visible clearly.



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