Help with my speaker choice... On a shoe string.


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all, my first post on here...

I'm looking for some direction when buying a new speaker package?
I have:
Sony STR DG820 AMP (AV Receiver)
REL R 205 subwoofer

I want to keep the above, however I would like to replace my five speakers.
I have Kef Q5 floorstanders and a matching set of Kef centre and Kef bookshelf rears but the tweeters are damaged on the front and centre + the rears are very big, clumsy and old looking. So in general, all five are too large in size, getting a bit old and damaged - they need to go!

I have a very low budget (around £200) and I'd like to see if anyone has any suggestions?
Would the sound quality / performance reduce if I bought a 5.1 speaker package and substituted the SUB with my Rel SUB?
Would buying 2x sets of bookshelf for front and rear and a larger centre than those in the 5.1 packages be better?

I've looked at the following 5.1 packages where I would substitute my current sub:
Tannoy SFX5.1
Jamo A102 HCS5
Yamaha NSP285 5.1
Onkyo SKSHT528
Canton MOVIE 80CX

or buying all seperate?
Wharfdale Diamond 10.CC CENTRE
Boston Acoustics Soundware XS (PAIR) x2

Any help would be appreciated - I have a surround sound setup I'm nearly happy with - a decent set of speakers will finish the setup nicely :)




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May 21, 2008
I've heard the Tannoy EFX sound very good with a Sony amp so the SFX could be a good bet. My mate has some with a Yamaha amp and they sound good.


hi there i would recommend getting your self a set of kef 1005.2 system you can pick up a set in silver for £299 and black for £399 go for the silver set keep your old sub and sell the kef kube on ebay thats what i did and i got £280.00 inc delivery price so the 5 kef eggs cost me £20 if you sell the sub for £200 new boxed you get the 5 eggs for £100 bargain and they sound good too they also come with wall mounting brackets too i hope i have helped.


I like your way of thinking...
I might just do that - I do like the Kef eggs - I've looked at them before as a natural replacement for my current Kefs.
Was always too costly, but I'll keep an eye on ebay prices for the new subs to see if selling is an option.

I may also sell my old ones as damaged / repairable.

Cheers for the idea - all others more than welcome :)



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