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Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys,

I am looking for a nice subwoofer that gives very clean and musically correct sound.

A while ago I stumbled upon a subwoofer that actually did meet all my wishes. But since it was worth as much as all my other components together I was hesitant to buy it. Because I'm unable to find it, or something that's similar I'd like some help from you guys.

Here is what I have now:

Onkyo A 5vl, only used on the digital input. Connected to it is a set B&O 3702's and two 1702's. The 1702's I recently bought because my room is twice as long as that it is wide and with them turned on the sound is a little more spreaded in the room, instead of coming just from one side.

Since my onkyo doesn't have a subwoofer output I am bound to active subwoofers that have a speaker line input, but that is where my knowledge ends. I did read that a subwoofer that does not have a bass-response hole gives cleaner sound, so if that is in fact correct I would prefer such a subwoofer.

Since I listen way more to music than to movies that will be the main purpose of the subwoofer. I like my onkyo because it gives very clean and clear sound, and that i certainly want to keep, in the highs and also in the low frequency's.

And now probably one of the most important things, my budget. It ends somewhere around 500 euro's, but less expensive will not be a dealbreaker, definitely since the hardware I have now only cost me 400 euro's total. The subwoofer should definitely deliver sound that is a match for my other components, because if the sound quality will suffer from the subwoofer it will be a waste of money.

My current room is 16 square meter, but the subwoofer should definitely be able to drive a room up to 30 square meters, for future purposes.

Thank you for reading and I really hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks in advance,



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Dec 11, 2008
If you want good and affordable look no further than BK Subwoofers.

Plenty of coverage here and other forums. They still make the innards for many famous Subwoofer "Manufacturers". I now have two BKs and no regrets.


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Mar 4, 2010
I've got a BK XXLS400, fantastic sub for the money. It had everything I was looking for, deep enough but sealed design keeping it nice and tight for music, doubt it could be bettered for the money. Has choice of both hi and lo level connection, I used both and wide choice of finishes.


Thank you both for your reply.

My eye had already fallen on the BK Gemini II, but here on whathifi it's said to lack some definition. Would I notice that or is it more a "when your other speakers are worth 1500 each and the amp is 5000, thén you'd notice it"-thing. In other words, is it justified to go for the BK XLS 200 MK II or the BK XXLS400 instead of the Gemini?

Thanks in advance!


I'm using the XXLS400 with Avi ADM9.1T as I couldn't afford the Avi sub at the time. I have no regrets and it complements them extremely well.

If BK sold in the normal manner I imagine they would be at least double the price (much like Avi themselves).

You should speak to BK (they have a query box on the website), they will help you with which one you need, but I imagine it will be the 200 or 400 in your case. I think the Gemini will be a little small.

My only criticism would be that I waited quite a while for delivery. But the sub itself is very nice.


I have looked around a bit on the second-hand market here in the netherlands, and I have three subs here in the neighbourhood that sound promising:

The REL strata, the Infiniti Beta SW-10 and the Jamo Sub 550

They all probably will go for a price around that of the BK gemini, so it all comes down to which one is the best.

I have no idea which one that is to be honest, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out here.


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