Help finding a small wall mounted streamer


Feb 27, 2022
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Hi, just signed up as I thought I might ask the experts! Needing some help finding a small wall mounted streamer, and would appreciate any input as I’m not really up to date with anything!

I would like to update my bathroom setup to something that suits my needs, not after stunning quality or hopefully price but I have a few specific needs that has made it difficult to find a product that fits.

I currently have a cheap wall mounted cd/fm radio/iPod dock below my heated/lighted bathroom mirror, the mirror is compliant with bathroom zoning regs. It’s an iLive IH319B, and has a dc 10v input with the transformer mounted inside the mirror, along with an old Airport express. I haven’t used the speakers, and it is connected to two roof mounted marine 5” speakers.

what I would like to do would be to replace it with something more modern with built in airplay and dab. What I’d like is the following features if possible…

•wall mountable or small form factor
•built in amplifier, not huge output needed
•dab preferably or internet radio
•airplay if possible or aux in
•dc powered (after a transformer)
•remote for use in the bath or if there is no buttons

I’d like something that has physical buttons on the unit if possible. I don’t want to have to use my phone with wet hands to stop music, a remote would be fine though, so I could listen to dab without the need to touch a phone (it’s waterproof, but I don’t want a wet leather case and never easy with a wet touchscreen). Also I’d prefer not to have built in speakers (detachable is fine) to utilise my existing ones.

I’m stuggling to find anything at all that fits this, anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance


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