Help! - am going crazy choosing ipod speakers/dab radio or combo...


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Aug 10, 2019
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone out there help? i seem to be going in circles spending WAY too much time on the internet umming and aahing over what to do...

in an IDEAL world i would love something i can listen to the radio on as listen a lot during the day as well as play my ipod through,,,but as we are soon to be going dab best opt for dab not fm right? there is not a lot around that seems do this and offer good quality within my budget...maximum £150 all in

so seems i will have to opt for a seperate dab radio (pure?) and ipod speakers...????

is it better to go for some decent speaker that you can plug your ipod and dab radio into?? does the ageo m (looks nice) do this - am not techie in the SLIGHTEST! i don't want something that is portable - i want something that sits in my lounge and looks and does the stuff!

have been looking at the cyrus link mini two (looks beautiful), the logitech pure-fi anywhere (looks very flimsy and portable) and the altec lansing I4 (though am not sure i like how this looks!)

gosh am waiting with bated breath for someone who knows what they are on about to TELL ME WHAT TO BUY!!

THANKS in advance.....


hi i see you don't want anything portable but the pure chronos is a dab radio, ipod dock and sounds good [costs around £99] hope that helps atb rob


thanks so much for replying!!

keep hearing such great things about the pure chronos - that is my other dilema! need a bedside radio/ipod dock and am looking at a goodmans dab ipod dock (£55), the tesco technika dab 407 (£70) and the pure chronos one!

would like something not alarm clock looky for my lounge - aaaah!

guess who got an ipod for xmas!

thanks again


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