HDMI and SCART Confusion?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there i have a Sony DVD Player/Recorder with upscaling on it i want to connect it via HDMI to HDMI to the TV set i also want to be able to have it connected to my SKY+ box (not HD) via SCART so that i can record SKY+ programs and back them up onto a DVD how does it work and what will happen IF i have both HDMI and SCART connected to the same device? when i press PLAY on my DVD Recorder/Player, will it automatically use HDMI or SCART? im confused! lol


Well the Sony recorder communicates with your tv through HDMI every time it plays a DVD or something stored on its hard drive. I haven't seen the SKY+ box in person but I believe it will have 2 scart connections. You use one of those to connect the box to your tv and one to connect the box to your Sony recorder.

When you play a DVD/watch the hard drive --> HDMI
When you watch SKY --> Scart
The other scart just sends the SKY signal to your Sony recorder, making it able to record whatever is being broadcasted on SKY (it has nothing to do with direct transmission of the cable signal to your tv set)