Had enough . . . ?

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Sep 16, 2013
Hi CJ,

Know how you feel mate,I had bowel cancer in April 1991 and had a major op to remove a massive growth from my pelvis,all was going well until July the same year when a blood clot caused by the chemotherapy settled in my left leg,after several attempts to clear it gangrene set in and my leg was amputated.All was going well until 9 years ago when I had heart failure and whilst in hospital I suffered a stroke caused by low blood pressure. I have had two more strokes since then,one which has damaged the left side of my brain and my coordination and balance has suffered.

I have been through the mill a bit in my lifetime but I have seen both my children grow up and last year I became a grandparent twice.

I am really happy with my life and I'm 71 this year,the only sadness I feel is that I have to have an automatic turntable because I have problems cueing the needle.

Always look on the bright side of life,good luck.


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May 25, 2011
Thanks guys, these issues have been going on for me since the deathe of my wife in 1995. One thing after the other, all depresion related untill the past 5 years, then the phisical problems started.

No I dont have any close family, only child, no cousins, my daughters have nothing to do with me, they recon I am an unfit Father and Grand Father . . . they are probably right?

So, the sooner my senior years do there bit the better perhaps.

I am sort of looking forward to the summer, see if I can regenerat something with my gliders, thays if my walking improves. Feels like stale mate at present, cant enjoy anything. A mountain to climb, on my own?




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