FreeView (just retuned) has ceased to include all those extra channels - leaving just basic BBC and ITV.


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Aug 10, 2019
I have Virgin cable for main TV, but use a newish MEDION Windows Vista PC for recording via Windows Media Centre and the Online Guide - the signal for this comes from the old rooftop aerial - thus I can record whilst watching another channel. It has worked without a problem up until last week when the big 'retune so that 5 can be made more available' instruction was issued.

So here's the thing - no matter how many times I have tried to retune using the TV settings menu, when the Media Centre scans, it only comes up with around 14 stations - just regional BBC and ITV basic variants. Nothing else at all - no BBC 3 or 4, no Dave, No anything 'extra'.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance


I also had problems with Windows Media Center and after rescanning I had no channels at all. After the forth rescan bingo all channels were found again. Not sure why, I did nothing other than to keep rescanning.