Do I really have to buy an ipod to listen to digital music files?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there,

I've being doing plenty of research on music systems, and really wanted the Denon m38 dab. But the downside for me was that poorly supported the USB option (can't read through more than one folder, reads files in weird order, cant order stuff using id3 tags etc)

So I've being looking around for something else that can play mp3's and has a dab tuner and isn't just streaming. CD isn't important.

It seems to me that unless your music is on an Ipod, you don't have much options. OK, there's plenty of systems with USB ports or even SD card readers, but they don't do much more than just play a folder. I mean, they don't play playlist files, you can't create playlists, browsing on them is awkward, they only support certain bitrate files, problems like the Denon ones I listed above.

I know it's not a major problem, I've listened to cd's/tapes/vinal for years and got by just fine! But can anyone recommend a stereo or even an amp for me? Normal reviews don't go into detail on the usb side of things, I only found out the Denon m38 problems when I went to a forum and people were having problems with it. Normally when I find a stereo I like I search the model number and look at the instruction booklet for details. It's getting boring! I don't have an Ipod, and don't want to get one just to use it on a dock. Although, that might be my only option!

Please someone recommend me something and save me from having to use itunes!


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Sep 13, 2011
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Easy answer...Squeezebox touch from logitech connected to any type of amp. You can stream everything directly from your pc or get a NAS also to stream from it. You can get all internet radio as well...

Do not have an iphone/ipod and do not use Itunes but still I have all my music in digital not have a cd player.


Thanks for the reply. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go down the streaming route. Purely because I want to be able to switch on a stereo and play music and not have any problems connecting devices. But that squeezebox looks like it could be a good compromise. Cheers


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