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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok here is the dilema - I have been offered a price match from John Lewis at £750 for the panasonic TX-37LZD70 inc 5yr warranty. A great price and from what people on here have said it is a great (if not the best) 37" full HD TV.

Simpe question - Do I buy it now OR wait for the new model. YES OR NO - what would you do


I am also wondering the same thing. You can buy the same screen for about 700 if you look so the JL deal is really for the warranty which I think is a waste. If it is broken it wont work in week 1. It is unlikely to breaking down in year 4, in which case just buy a new one. 4 years is a long time in flat screen technology.

The second question is whether the new ones will be better and similarly priced. My guess is yes. So I am waiting.

Of course once you wait you probably lose the chance to buy the current model since they will be unavailable in a few weeks time, so you may have to pay more...I dont think so, Panasonic is unlikely to offer its new 37 inch way above the cost of the current ones and you wont get a worse tv I wager but maybe more importantly you will have to wait to enjoy your desired 37 inch tv.

I am waiting ..but that is me as you say it is a dilemma...if someone were to convince me otherwise I would buy it tomorrow.


Normally I wold agree with you on warranty but a 5yr warranty from JL for £50 is well worth it in my opinion. Plus I would much rather buy direct from JL shop than an online company.

I really want to just order it but something tells me to wait for new model. Any ideas on review of the new models yet or price for the LZD80 37"