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Denon AVR-X2600H

Aug 20, 2020
i own the 2600h as my friend and reviewers biged it up. my issues are first i have to keep it on the older firmware as it doesnt work with my xbox one s if i update it when it comes to hdr and 4k.
even with the latest software, and the oldest, going into settings for audio and selecting options in the ref area sometimes kicks hdr off and i end up haveing to select a different hdmi and back again for it to return hdr.
lastly and i feel this is a big miss by denon, it doesnt work with my google plasy player as i cant send over by blue tooth my playlists. instead i have to use heos and creat new playlists. why in this day and age cant it just do both. let me cast via blue tooth my music on my android phone by google or any other player with blue tooth suport?

yes the sou7nd is awsome but its far from the perfect bug free experience and it isnt the exellent everyone says, not till it allws the basic us of bluetooth on a phone and not push heos and sort out the kind of bugs i asumed a 500 pound amp would not have.

part of me withes i tried the sony one but hey too late now.

cvoice poperastions with my harmony work great with it and yeh sound is amazing. but it needs to be a smater device.