DAC plus issue!!!


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Jul 17, 2007
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Morning all, yesterday I bought a dacmagic plus for the 2nd times. Bought it previously when It first came out but took it back due to a crackling sound I was getting through the speakers every time I changed the sky channel, anyways, I was still very happy with the sound it added to my setup but the crackilng worried me.

Yesterday I had a quick look on RS's website and they had one on clearance. The rep told me it had been brought back cos the bloke who had it basically said it didn't work. The unit was sent away and tested and it came back ok, it was on clearance due to it being an open box.

My problem is, I plugged it in yesterday and heard absolutely no difference in sound apart from the bass is not as tight and slightly boomier. I played about a bit taking the dacmagic in and out of the setup and there is zero depth or the spaciousness I had heard from the first unit I had bought???? The only thing I have changed in my setup since buying the dacmagic plus for the first time is the amp which I changed from CA's 650a to their 840a. Could this be a dodgy box or may it have something to do with the amp???

Fact is no matter what source I use the amp on its own sounds better without the dacmagic plus, as though the sound is just being sent through an inferior piece.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/oppinions, Rick.


Sounds dodgy Rick, take it back to the retailer and ask for a swap. If that doesn't solve it, return the unit.