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D-Stream WR100D Wireless Receiver


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Sep 23, 2012
There were some discussions a while back about the Chromecast Audio and I mentioned its lack of gapless playback with Qobuz. Well I took a smallish plunge and ordered a D-Stream WR100D receiver/streamer and I can report that it works pretty well.

For those unfamiliar with this device (there is currently no UK distributor), it's similar to the Chromecast Audio, containing a network card and DAC. An external DAC can be used if required. It can be bought for approx. £100-£130 depending on where you buy it.

The device is controlled using a dedicated app which currently works on Apple and Android devices but not Windows. It's decent enough, and apparently works with TIDAL, Spotify and others, as well as being able to stream from your local network.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and both app and streamer have been very resilient with no network drop-outs at all. Our house has thick walls between the streamer and the router. Sound quality via the on board DAC is impressive though I haven't done an AB comparison with the CCA yet (because I don't have one!). Streaming CD quality music from Qobuz gives excellent results, and it is truly gapless.

So it's probably only of interest to folks like me who need wifi gapless CD quality Qobuz streaming for not-silly-money.

To keep this post short I've left out a lot of the technical stuff but I've added a link below. (Sorry for some reason it won't let me embed the link properly atm)



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Aug 28, 2015
Nice to know that there is lot more kit out there not costing an arm and a foot :)

Would have been perfect for me if it could act as a roon end point. So sadly my wait continues for a cheap roon end point digital streamer .



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