Cyrus PSX-R - where is it most effective?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I use Cyrus amplification - an aCa7.5 and two SmartPowers, which are currently used in a bi-amping configuration as I prefer the sound to running them in mono mode.

I read in an article somewhere that Cyrus only recommend using the SmartPower in mono mode when using a PSX-R as well. The pre-amplifier can also be used with a PSX-R.

As there are plenty of PSX-Rs on Ebay, I thought I'd give them a go, but was wondering if anyone has similar equipment and could answer the following questions:

1. Where would the PSX-R make most difference? With the pre- or power-amplifiers?

2. What sort of difference does it make?

The power of the SmartPowers increases with the PSX-R, so I'm guessing I might gain a little in weight or conviction, but I'm wondering how the pre-amp would benefit.

Obviously I'm hoping that someone will say that the pre-amp gains most, so I can start by buying just one!


As always, within the bounds of reason, you start at the source and move towards the speakers. Losing information anywhere is bad, but if it's not there to start with, you will never ever get to hear it no matter how good the rest of the system.


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