Converting a traditional stero system to surround sound.


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Aug 10, 2019
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Currently my front room has a pair of unused Monitor Audio BR2s in it; the amp they were attached to is now beyond economic repair. As I have a bit of spare cash I've been wondering about surround sound. The problem I have is that buying BR rears, centre and sub would leave me distinctly short of receiver budget.

I have to look at making some economies. So far, I've had these ideas.

- Sell the BR2s and get a (even lower) budget system. It's a compromise but at least it will match and be complete.

- Try to find cheaper rears and sub.

- Don't buy a sub now, wait until later when I can afford one.

- Look for second hand BR components and maybe a second hand receiver.

- Buy an inexpensive/second hand Hi-Fi amp, keep the money in the bank and wait until I can afford to do the whole thing properly!

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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If it were me, I'd buy the matching centre speaker for the BR2s, plus a secondhand or budget receiver. The Sony STR-DG510 is around £180, and would certainly be worth a listen, for example. You can use less expensive or secondhand speakers for the rear channel - OK so it's not purist surround, but we all started out that way - and forego the sub for the moment, adding one when the budget allows.


Thanks Andrew, I was getting a little snowblind with all the different possible permutations.

My local Hi-Fi store deals with second hand items as well as new so I think I will be paying them a visit at the weekend to see if they have anything interesting :- if they do that should be a good starting point for putting the rest together.


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