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Aug 10, 2019
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Last night I had a crack at connecting my new Toshiba DVD player (well new, but old in fact! Must be circa 2001 vintage) to my plasma. It was already hooked up by RGB Scart and when I attached the Component cable. . . Nothing. No signal said my screen. Turns out that the Tosh has three output settings: Video, S-Video and RGB. In order to get the best Scart image you set on RGB. S-Video is B&W down the scart and Video just not as good as RGB. But turning to component, I did get a signal on Video and S-Video. But not RGB. I'm fairly sure that the Component output is better than the RGB Scart but only just. And it's a bit wierd as I've got to have it set on video or s-video and I don't know which is better. Does anyone know? I've got it set on Video as I couldn't work out which to use.


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Jun 28, 2007
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Will Component output is FAR SUPERIOR to a RGB SCART conection and to sooner you get this conection hooked up the beter. Both Component and Scart send a RGB signal but Scart is not able to send this as a progressive image only interlaced.

Somewhere in your players setup menu there will be a option relating to Component output (having never had a Tosh player not sure where tho) and you need to turn this on to enable Component output. On my old Pioneer 757 there is also a button on the front of the player labled progressive which must be on to enable a picture via the components.


Yup, it's on composite but no progressive. This player is only set to progressive on region 1 NTSC. Such a shame. Still the picture is a lot better than my old Pioneer DV565D so I'm very happy with my £120 purchase. It sounds better too! First time a players own DACs (for CD only) have sounded better than those in my Denon. So CD playback now sounds rather good. Will be interested to keep an eye out for a fab HD player next year and any consequent improvement in audio. I'm finally happy with my SD DVD playback. This old Tosh has a lovely image. Shame it's not progressive. But never having had one that is, I'm almost living in blissful ignorance! :)


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