Choosing the ideal soundbar / soundbase

The media unit in the family / dining area is 153cm wide which is ideal for a 65-inch TV that I'm planning to buy around Christmas. Currently I have a 32-inch Samsung with Audioengine 2 speakers for sound. The speakers are also connected to Sonos Connect. These speakers were brilliant for my bedroom in the previous house but aren't powerful enough to drive at decent volumes without distorting in the family area. Family / dining / kitchen area is 36' X 12'6"
There won't be any space for dedicated speakers once the 65-inch TV comes in. So the best compromise is a soundbar or a soundbase. The larger the better, to fit into a 153cm space. There no space for a subwoofer either. The main purpose of the TV and sound system is to watch occasional programmes and listen to Sonos. I have a dedicated home cinema system in the lounge which is where I'll watch my movies. Sonos Playbar is an option but lack of HDMI bothers me a bit. Will I be losing significantly going for it? Another option is Yamaha YSP-5600 but not sure if I'm paying for a potentially gimmicky 7.1.2 Atmos sound. I'm not sure about Canton because there are a few threads here about them not working properly and lack of a robust after sales support. I should be able to connect Sonos Connect to it if it's not the Playbar. Any suggestions? Budget isn't an issue.


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Jan 16, 2013
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Best advice is to wait until you've bought your TV.

Then you can decide whther to buy the same brand and save some remote compatability issues, or one that sounds better.
This is the media unit:


Monitor Audio SB3 sounds an excellent option with an AV receiver. It's large and beautiful, and I love Monitor Audio sound. The frequency response necessitates use of a subwoofer though (80Hz - 20KHz).

With regards to subwoofer placement, has anyone tried putting it inside the cabinet? I could put it in the centre if it works.

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You could always buy the LG 65G6v OLED TV and get the sound bar in built.
Part of me thinks that the Sonos Playbar is the best option. There's no point in HD lossless sound through a soundbar. Besides, it is not my main cinema room. I think there is a space for the Sonos sub if needed.

A Playbar with a couple of Play:1s will get Sonos in all rooms! The Play:1s can be used for 5.1 sound if the guest bedroom is unoccupied.


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