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Aug 10, 2019
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Has anybody used the web site www. they seem to have some ridiculously cheap stuff some listed below

q acoustics speakers 1010 £46 1020 £56

wharfedale 9.1 £56

Kef iq3 £112

now i can't find the above 1010's lower than £89 on any other web site, the warf's at £129, & the kef's at £249 as with anything that is alot cheaper than other sites, it rings a warning bell, anybody purchased from this site, any info would be nice.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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No alarm bells, just the fact that it's a European site, and they do things differently there. See below live webchat I just had with their operator 'Paris'

"andrew: Can you confirm your pricing on loudspeakers?

andrew: Is the price given per speaker, or per pair?

Paris: In the
case of loudspeakers, the price indicated on the web site is for unit,
but some models can only be sold in pairs; This means that you can not
buy just one, and price has to be duplicated to know the real price. In
order to be sure about a specific model, you must put the item on the
shopping cart and press the checkout button: if the loudspeaker can not
be sold in single units, you will see a message indicating: "The
purchase order quantity for XXXX LOUDSPEAKER has to be a multiple of 2"."

So as you can see, the price for a pair of 1010s is £92 - ie 2x£46 - plus £4.95 delivery, making a total of £96.95.

It's quite common for speakers to be priced 'each' in European ads and shops, rather than 'per pair' as they usually are in the UK. So you actually only save £3.05 on the usual £100 price in the UK shops.


Thanks for the clarification, thought they were per pair as per other web sites, so have learned a good & valuable lesson, thankfully before i placed an order. Thanks


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