Cannot get my sub to work??


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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok, so this is my first post on here as i am quite new to all of this and i have become abit stuck.

I really hope that my problem is of an extremely basic nature and that i have just overlooked something, but hopefully someone can help me.

So as stated, i cannot get my sub to work.

Ive been running a cambridge audio 540r V1 for around a year now, and i love it.

I was recently given this eltax sub as a friend was upgrading.

As daft as this sounds im having a nightmare finding out its model, however i know it is an eltax atomic, possibly a6 or a8, of the older nature. When i first got it, i plugged it in, connected it to the reciever through the pre-amp with a phono lead and it worked just fine.

Turned the system off last night and repowered up today and nothing. Even the test tone has absolutely no sound, however i am presuming the connection has been recognised as i can still select whether i want the sub on or off on the receiver.

Any help/advice extremely welcome!!!


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Oct 6, 2009
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have you tried a different cable? Unplug the cable from the receiver and touch it to see if the sub is making any noise. If not have a bash at changing the fuse.


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Jan 7, 2008
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Is it not doing anything at all - Play something with bass and gently tough the subs speaker cone to see if it's moving

Is the light on, on the sub? (Switched off or fuse if not?) - Obvious, but we've all been there.

Is the gain turned right down?

Is the crossover frequency set too low?

Is it one with speaker binding posts or high level connector? If so try a direct connection.

Does the amp recognise that there is a sub if you "just" have a cable plugged in, no sub on the end?

More info... :)


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