Cables/gear to match my new setup


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all, I'm new here (on the posting end, I've been reading posts (and the mag) for years now)

As of last week I have a completely new (new for me, ex-demo/pre-owned) setup at home consisting of:

Sonus Faber Concertino Domus
Cyrus 7 (integrated amp)
Cyrus CD6SE
Cyrus FM6

It's not really high-end, but I'm loving the sound already (coming from a Quad 33+303 + Electrostatics)

Could you guys give me some input on where to get the biggest gain right now?
I have +- €1000 of budget left.

First I would need a decent DAC (playback from my mac / apple tv / squeezebox).
I've been looking at the Cambridge dacmagic, which looks decent, and has a matching price.

At this point I have the cheapest standard cables I had left in my shed, so I think that's a biggy.
Same goes for the speaker cables. Also maybe adding a PSX is a good investment.

For example, I can get my hands on 2 x 2 Siltech Paris interconnects for €150 (pre-owned). But on the other hand, new Atlas Equator III's will set me back €130 for 2 pairs. The biggest issue at this point, is that there is so much, and I don't have time to listen to each and every cable/setup. So a little input from you guys would be really helpful to narrow my search, thanks!


Adding a PSX would already give you a big step ahead. Also for the cables, but which ones would be really something you have to decide for yourself. Noone can determine what sounds good for you in this particular setup.

Tip: Don't go too fast with upgrading. Give yourself some time, to explore and see what works best for you. If you upgrade too fast, it is hard to determine, which component does what. Listen to a cable for 2 weeks minimum before buying.


A collegue of mine offered to sell me his Cyrus Pre X VS + Smartpower Plus for a really good price...

If iI would accept his offer + get a PSX-R for the pre-amp and get a Cambridge DACmagic I'm done with my budget.

If I free op some extra cash for some AudioQuest Golden Gate interconnects, then I think I'm set for now.

I think I'll listen to this for a few weeks (can try the set as long as I like) and see if this is something I want to listen to the next couple of years.



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