Best picture settings for LG42LV550T???


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Aug 10, 2019
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Recently bought the LG 42LV550T which has a great picture quality but it could be better........i'm currently using the ISF Expert picture settings as i tried to configure the picture myself but had limited success. Using the expert settings the picture is way better than i can get manually but i still find that the edges of the picture become blured in fast moving scenes. for example, if the picture shows a person walking along with railings behind, the edge of the person seems to have a fuzzy halo that distorts the background image. i believe this to be called 'edge smoothing' which is currently set to 'high' but even turning this feature off the picture still distorts. I have the Trumotion settings at 'High' (dejudder and deblur).

This issue with the picture occurs on both HD and ST formats. Does anyone know if there is a quick solution to this annoyance or is it just a limitation to the LG? My friend has a Samsung and even though it has a larger screen than mine, his image is better in fast moving scenes.


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