Audiolab 8200A vs 8200Q/P Combo

Excitable Boy

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Feb 16, 2011
Has anyone heard the Audiolab 8200A integrated in a direct comparison with the 8200 P/Q pre- and power amp ? If so, I'd be very interested in your impressions. Thanks

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
While the 8200A has a decent power ouput with good grip and control, the 8200P does a far better job with decent speakers, whether they're power hungry or not. Far more current, but then, you'd expect that from a dedicated power amplifier. We used the 8200CD/8200Q/8200MB combo to drive the KEF Q700's last year at our open evening (8200P and CDQ weren't available then, and it would've been 900's, but they werent' available either!), and you couldn't fault the system as far as dynamics were concerned. A very lively, upbeat system that seemed to sound good whatever we put on it, and always produced a nice, three dimensional soundstage. It turned out to be the busiest that particular room has been on any of our open evenings/days.


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