AudioEngine A2 Speakers


New member
Jul 23, 2008
I am thinking of purchasing a pair of AudioEngine A2 Speakers to add to my laptop.....however I want the choice of being able to listen to my music either through the A2 or my headphones...depending on what I am doing.

So I am wondering if I could therefore sit my NuForce uDAC2 between my Laptop and the A2's (connect my Laptop to the uDAc via USB and then connect the uDAC to the A2's via RCA)...either setting the uDAC volume to full and controlling end volume via the A2's or vice versa.

If I then wanted to listen via headphones would plugging these into the headphone out on the uDAC bypass the RCA out to the A2's or would I also then have to disconnect the RCA cables or just turn down the voume on the back of the A2's




Plugging the headphone into the uDAC-2 does cut out the RCAs on the back.

I find using the volume control on my uDAC-2 the best way to go, so set your A2s to mid volume, and use the uDAC to vary the volume. I do not use the volume controls on my PC either, it's so much easier to just twist the volume control knob.