arcam cd73 interconects ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

Im getting a aram cd73 & was after some advice for conecting it to my amp should i go digital or a pair of standard conects? what would be a good make model?

I have a sony sta12ooes av amp which is a temperary set up. I want to get a good s/hand music amp to suite the arcam cd73 any ideas ? (about£200)

Can i use my B&W 601s3 speakers for av & music as they have two sets of terminals on them? (av amp to one set & music amp to the other set of terminals)

Sorry if these questions sound dumb but i am a newbe!

John Duncan

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OK, one at a time -

1) Personally I would go standard interconnects, as the DAC in the Arcam is almost certainly better than the Sony;

2) I've just got a pair of Cambridge Azur Reference interconnects for £50, which are a bargain. Consider also Atlas Equator 2, Chord Crimson (though neither to my mind have the detail of the Cambridge);

3) Richer Sounds are doing the Marantz PM6002 for £200 now, though there are plenty of other options out there for that kind of money second hand - Rega, Rotel, Arcam (if you like the aesthetics, but it's a very laid-back combination for my tastes);

4) No, absolutely not - a recipe for blown speakers, amp, or both. The two terminals on the back are so that you can either use separate cables for the bass and tweeter, or, more ambitiously, separate amps. Google or search this forum for "bi wiring" and "bi amping". However, you can do this another way, by connecting the pre-outs of the Sony to a line in on your hif fi amp, and the front speakers to the hifi amp. When you've chosen a hifi amp, come back and ask the question again and we can talk you through the details?




Thanks for the response, that sounds like a good plan!

is the marantz pm6002 any good ?

John Duncan

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Current WHF group test winner over the Rotel award winner and others - I personally prefer the Rotel (marginally) but since the Marantz came down in price, it's a complete steal and hard to argue against.


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Sep 6, 2007
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John would you choose the CA interconnect over my Cobra 3? I am soon to be bi-wiring Chord Odyssey 4. I've read on Chord's website that it's Chorus or Signature interconnects marry nicely with the Odyssey but I thought that my set up is not high end enough for it to be noticeable? Any thoughts? Sorry to hijack the post by the way.

John Duncan

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Don't apologise to me, we're done here I think

To me, it's better than my Cobra 2, yes - bit more open and airy, closer to my Nordost BH than the Cobra. It was supposed to be a cheap one (within my own snobby limits) for the tuner, and it's gone to the turntable instead - I was surprised at how good it was for the price.

Notwithstanding the fact that I've bought reasonably good interconnects (usually exdem 'bargains'), I'm of the view that, given a certain minimum standard (and by that I mean my Cobra or, now, Cambridge), you're better off spending money elsewhere than spending silly money (100+) on cables. Once you've got two grand's (each) worth of amp and speakers then there are benefits to be had in exotica, but not much before that. I'm even going to try some of those Gothams off eBay that Thaiman recommends for 12 quid a pair - silly not to at that price!

John Duncan

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[quote user="SGman"]
Or should i get a onkyo tx-sr875 ?

I'd always keep stereo and AV separate, but that's just me - I think Andrew E can comment on the qualities of the Onk for stereo duties.........


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