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Sep 6, 2007
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Sorry folks, yet another post... I currently run Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amp and 9P power amps in to my AE 309 floostanders. Would i see/hear much improvement if i were to upgrade to the Arcam 10 integrated and 10P power amp? Maybe it's just me but i dont seem to hear/feel much more bass from the AE 309's than i did when i had the B&W 602 S2's. I really havent given them a really good listen too with not having time due to work etc... Has anyone else heard the 309's, if so what was your opinion? I am a little concerned that it may be the amps and their age. If so, is it worth getting them serviced by Arcam or is it time to upgrade? I could possibly be going back to B&W speakers (603 S3s', 683's or the 684's), i've just got so many ideas/options, i'm trying to tick them all off one at a time!


For what it's worth, I think the risk and hassle of selling the 9s and getting some 10s would outweigh the benefits. It's a step up, but not a huge one. The 10 will have more power and the design allows for (now old) Arcam upgrades.

In terms of their age, they should be fine. I used to have a six year old 8 with 8p for bi-amping and it was excellent. The servicing costs turned out to be about £100 a unit plus p&p. I went for new kit in the end and now somewhat regret not getting something with the warmth of the Arcams!

Good luck...


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