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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok, so I was supposed to be buying the Denon PMA 500, Denon DCD 500 and KEF Cresta 3 speakers as a package for £400 from my local hi-fi shop but they have messed me around and don't seem to want my money so I have decided to take it elsewhere. I was only going for that package because I have heard Denon are a good brand and it was going to save quite bit of time shopping around but now that plan has gone to pot, I am going to do a bit more shopping around. I want a CD player, Amp, and speakers and I am willing to spend up to £600. I know thats not a great deal of money in the world of hi-fi's but there are some quite good budget seperates out there and some good deals on the net. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I only need a basic setup, I am more concerned about build and sound quality than features. I haven't ruled out Denon kit but I have been looking at some NAD's (of the hi-fi variety!) and they look very good.. I have seen the NAD C320BEE Amp for £150 and the NAD C542 CD player for £260. Also: - Good speakers and Amp but CD player only has 3 stars (Amp and Speakers have 5 though). - Gonna blow the budget with speakers but both look very good.

Any input anyone?



Here's a scary idea- why don't you have a listen to the bits first and then make a decision? Star ratings are at best a pointer and a worst a distraction. The magazines cannot take into account your preferences and you living space. NAD are a good brand but they face stiff competion from Rotel, Cambridge Audio and Marantz amongst others. All are highly rated and might offer a better balance of what you are after.

I'm sorry if this doesn't sound hugely positive but £600 is a lot of money to spend blind and on the recommendations of others (I'm especially wary of pushing stuff because my system is somewhat quirky). You may end up buying something you don't like and being in the same position in a years time. Superfi are a good chain and will normally demo with some enthusiasm so make use of it.


Your sound system is different to a car or a computer in that it doesnt get old as such, a new cd will always sound new on a GOOD sound system. So its worth paying a bit extra for a nice sound system that you'll keep for 10 yrs. Its hard for me to workout your budget because i go by the Aussie dollar, but i spent about $2300 on my sound sytem which is still classified as entry-level or budget, but i REALLY love it to death because its suits my taste in music perfectly (jazz mainly). So try to pick up some ESL's if you can. Spend as much on the CD player as the amp and dont forget the importance of good cable. I'd recommend you check out the range of loudspeakers QUAD have at the moment, good price for good quality mid range and treble.


[quote user="mpopp87"]about $2300[/quote]
Bout' £1,000 at today's rates.
Check out the July issue - Group test - one-make HiFi £450-£700.
Rotel came out on top though Pioneer and Cambridge Audio did well too.
Suggested pairing up with Monitor Audio BR5's
Should get you in the right direction for your budget though listen before buying.


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