Question Adding surround to a hifi system - Jus processing


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Nov 7, 2020
I have a system I'm happy with: Naim Uniti Atom, Nap100, PMC20.24s, BK Gemini ii Sub. It's a great little system and provides a good 2.1 sound. Works great for TV as well as streaming/vinyl (on my Rega P3)

I'd like to add surrounds, and need something to take the sound out of the TV (or Shield TV), and split the 2 rear channels out so that I can add another NAP (or something) to give me surround.

I've been looking, but cant see anything obvious that does only that, or just the channel splitting without amps in t..

Ideas, anyone..?


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Aug 13, 2010
Surround gives 5.1 as l/r front, centre/sub and l/r rears. 7.1 adds l/r mids.

This differs from adding a sub to stereo speakers to extend their bass performance.

TV usually have analogue stereo head phones, toslink full digital for stereo but compressed audio for surround and HDMI ARC. If an AV Receiver has toslink or better eARC it will handle all channels. There are boxes that will split toslink into 6 channels line level. As an example:-

The issue is lip synch on putting different digital things together. The simple solution is having HDMI eARC and an amp that has 6 channels output whether to passive speakers or active analogue speakers. Lots of great stereo solutions but going to surround may mean everything gets replaced as what you have can't be neatly including in a home theatre set up.