A Lesson in Life


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Apr 27, 2016
Life has always had its ways of teaching us lessons. Just when you think you have it good, next think you know you are hitting rock bottom.

But one thing good about hitting rock bottom is, there is no way but up.

Back when I was younger I would always dream of "growing up". I'd always think I can do more things when I was older. I could watch films that are for older people, I could get into clubs, people would take me more seriously there would be no curfew, I would be my own king once I was older.

Shallow things huh?

But with age comes great responsibility. Remember the days wherein everything was spoon fed to us? Homework, lessons. Everything came in a silver platter. But as we grew older, WOW! Everything had to come with a price. Before I used to be able to ask for money whenever I wanted.

Now, I had to work for my allowance. HA-HA!

During my stages of anxiousness with growing up, I was able to make some really harsh decisions. Decisions I thought grown ups do. I'd hang out with the bad boys in school just to be established as one of them. I smoked at an early age, Drank at an early age, experimented with drugs joined a fraternity, got into fights.

Only because I thought these are the things I should be doing. These are the things that would make me "grown up". That was just silly.

Life came at me with a very hard hit. I was knocked out early. I hit my rock bottom when I was supposed to be in the stage of maturation. Everything was lost. I lost a potential career, education, friends and lovers. I was caught in a downward spiral and I wanted out.

Imagine I'd find out most of my friends are now successful because they took the right path. Some are getting married. Some are setting up families already. That made me feel very inferior.

So, I got my act together stayed away from bad company, got back in school, focused on the real things in life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is. Life is a process. At least it should be. And like all processes it should be something cherished and handled accordingly. It shouldn't be rushed. It's like rushing - http://Www.Fool.com/search/solr.aspx?q=rushing to drive a car even if you've only had 3 lessons. Eventually you are bound to meet an accident because you do not have the formal education needed.

Life has a way of teaching us things. But it does have an instrument for such education. It's called experience. The only way to get this experience is by going through the process life has designed for us. It's like the stages of maturation. It starts with infancy, childhood, teen, early adulthood, adulthood and so on. There is always a phase and a process we should undergo

What I learned so far from my journey? Take it one step at a time, live it day by day. Simply put. Relax. We are bound to get wherever we are destined to be. Incidentally I believe in destiny. So just relax and live your life on a day to day basis. You'll get there.

We will all get to wherever we want to go. But what is always worth the trip, is the moments you spend traveling.

The journeys worth talking about are the journeys with unexpected bumps. And by the time you get to your destination, wouldn't it be nice to say whoa! That trip was wild. But yeah I'm here already.

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I'm not sure what your on about? I think rhetoric is all well and fine but does it sound good on a hifi system? When you reached rock bottom? Did you manage to keep hold of your hifi? I find when I'm down in the dumps I play thrash metal loudly on my hifi...may I suggest heavy metal when your bit low? Other than that I can't suggest much else to help? Sorry



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