7.1 upgrade?


May 8, 2021
Hi, I have a Denon AVRX2600 with monitor audio bronze mr4s up front with bronze mr centre, MRW10 sub, and bronze rears, in a 5.1 system. I love this system and I'm perfectly happy with it. But, I also have a pair of monitor audio bronze mr2s that were in a stereo system in the bedroom, would I notice a massive difference adding them to my AV system making it 7.1? I am mainly watching stuff through a firestick HD and panasonic blue ray player. If this would be a good improvement should I use the bronze rears at the side and and the mr2s at the back or the other way round. If something is NOT recorded/broadcast in 7.1 would the sound still come through all speakers, does the amazon fire stick support 7.1 and are programs like amazon's "The Expanse" broadcast in 7.1?


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