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  1. dragontattoo2020

    Question Buying my first Hi-Fi system - please help me decide from a shortlist.

    Hi There, My first post in the forums. For many years, I had been thinking of getting a decent Hi-Fi setup - and by decent I don't mean really high end audiophile grade stuff, but something that sounds better than my MacBook hooked up to my Bose QC 35II or AirPods or my Logitec external...
  2. S

    New speakers?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded to a Rega Elicit-R amp with Apple Music streamed over Wi-fi via an Apple Airport Express. No CD player, occasional use of a turntable. Chord cables and interconnects but an old pair of Maudant Short 916i floorstanding speakers. I don’t mind the sound from the...